Staff apartment bed
Time:2021-03-10 17:14:44
Staff apartment bed
The above is a brief introduction about the staff apartment bed. When you purchase the apartment bed, its maintenance is also very important. Here are some maintenance tips
1. When placed, it should be kept horizontal and firm, and there should be a distance between it and the wall.
2. Keep the ground clean and dry to prevent the bed from getting damp.
3. If there are corrosive objects in the cabinet, these corrosive objects should be placed stably to avoid overflow and corrosion of the bed.
4. Do not use too much force when opening and closing cabinet doors and drawers to avoid damage due to collision.
5. Do not use hard objects to knock the bed, do not use sharp things such as scissors to scratch the bed surface.
6. Try to keep the bed surface clean and tidy, don't put too many things, often wipe with detergent, and then dry with dry cloth.